Resource list provided by Tony Kline, Ph.D. 


1. When Implicit Bias Shapes Teacher Expectations

Overview: This article explores the meaning of implicit bias and how it can impact the expectations hold for students.

By Mary Ellen Flannery via The National Education Association


2. All Teachers Should Be Trained To Overcome Their Hidden Biases

Overview: A wide variety of research is presented that demonstrates how educators' biases can influence students' academic and social success.

By Soraya Chemaly via Time


3. How To Overcome Our Biases?

Overview: This video details the powerful implications of bias and how individuals can interrupt their own preconceived notions of people groups.

By Verna Meyers via TED Talks

4. Anti-Bias Framework

Overview: This document provides a set of anchor standards and learning outcomes for students K-12 that can be incorporated within schools' curriculum.

By Teaching Tolerance

5. Anti-Bias Resources

Overview: This page holds a wide variety of anti-bias resources, which include classroom strategies, definitions, and activity guides. 

By The Anti-Defamation League

How have you worked to interrupt how bias can impact today's schools?  Leave your comments below.