Resource list provided by Tony Kline, Ph.D. 


1. Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies

Overview: This page provides an overview of the 5 main components of social and emotional learning from an international leader in this educational field.

By Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)


2. Social And Emotional Learning Research Review

Overview: This article shares how research supports the positive impacts social and emotional learning can have on student and school performance. 

By Vanessa Vega via Edutopia


3. How To Integrate Social-Emotional Learning Into Common Core

Overview:  This how-to guide walks educators through the process of applying social and emotional learning in today's academic standards.

By Vicki Zakrzewski via Greater Good at The University of California, Berkley

4. Teaching The Whole Child: Practices That Support Social-Emotional Learning

Overview: This research-to-practice brief provides best teacher practices and how to use teacher evaluation to support social and emotional learning.

By The American Institutes For Research

5. Incorporating Social And Emotional Learning Into Classroom Instruction And Educator Effectiveness

Overview: This toolkit for educators identifies 10 teaching practices that incorporate social and emotional learning, including explanations of what these strategies look like in a classroom.

By The Tennessee Department Of Education, American Institutes For Research, & Appalachia Regional Comprehensive Center.

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