Resource list provided by Tony Kline, Ph.D. 


1. The Anatomy of Bloom’s Taxonomy

Overview: This resource shares the essentials regarding original, revised, and digital versions of Bloom's Taxonomy.  Also included is a streamlined graphic organizer detailing these versions at a glance.

By Digital Pedagog


2. Bloom's Taxonomy

Overview: Beyond providing a clear overview of the original and revised Bloom's Taxonomy, this resource also articulates why educators can benefit from framework.

By Patricia Armstrong via Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching


3. Interactive Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel

Overview: Check out this interactive tool that allows users to easily access Bloom's taxonomy levels, sample verbs, and student activities to use different levels of thinking. 

By West Virginia University

4. The Differentiator

Overview: This free and easy-to-use online tool allows educators to quickly and accurately write learning objectives based on Bloom's Taxonomy including thinking skill, content, resources, products, and groups.

By Byrdseed

5. Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel for iPad Apps

Overview: If you're looking iPad apps that are organized according to Bloom's Taxonomy, this is your resource.  Choose from 10+ apps per level of Bloom's to provide students the proper technology to show their learning. 

Via Educational Learning and Mobile Technology

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