Anthony Kline, Ph.D.


2011  Doctor of Philosophy

  • Elementary Education, Leadership and Research
  • Ball State University, 3.85/4.0 G.P.A.

2003  Master of Arts

  • Special Education, Learning Disabilities Focus
  • Ball State University, 3.9/4.0 G.P.A.

2001  Bachelor of Science

  • Elementary Education, Health Science Endorsement
  • Ball State University, 3.6/4.0 G.P.A. Cum Laude



2013-  Assistant Professor, Franks School of Education, Trine University, Angola IN

2012-2013  Assistant Professor, Department of Elementary Education, Ball State University, Muncie IN

2008-2011  Faculty Instructor, Department of Elementary Education, Ball State University, Muncie IN

2003-2008  Elementary Teacher, The Orchard School, An independent private school, Indianapolis IN

2001-2003  Graduate Assistant, The Learning Center, Ball State University, Muncie IN



Courses Developed and Taught at Trine University

  • EDU 211  Sophomore Practicum
  • EDU 222  Educational Psychology for Elementary Education
  • EDU 311  Junior Practicum
  • EDU 342  The Kindergarten Experience
  • EDU 452  Art for the Elementary Teacher
  • EDU 464  Language Arts & Social Studies Methods
  • EDU 470  Student Teaching Supervision
  • ESL 323  Reading English As A Second Language
  • ESL 433  Writing English As A Second Language

Courses Developed and Taught at Ball State University

  • EDEL 200  Planning for the Elementary and Early Childhood Classroom
  • EDEL 244  Early and Elementary Education for Social Justice
  • EDEL 300  Management, Organization, and Instruction in the Elementary Education Classroom
  • EDEL 350  Teaching in the Elementary Education Classroom
  • EDEL 350T  Transition to Teaching: Teaching in the Elementary Classroom
  • EDRDG 430  Corrective Reading
  • EDEL 450  Senior Seminar in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • EDEL 450  Supervision of Doctoral Student
  • EDEL 464  Student Teaching Supervisor
  • EDRDG 610  The Teaching Of Reading in the Elementary School



International/National Presentations

  • Kline, A. (June, 2013).  Mentoring matters: Today’s lack of male mentors.  Presentation at the Tutor – Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Kline, A., & Peck, E. (2012).  The male box: Being a male teacher in elementary and early childhood schools.  Presentation at the annual conference for National Association for the Education of Young Children, Atlanta,  GA.
  • Cassady, J., Cowan, K., Kline, A., & Fletcher, K. (2012).  Profiles of cognitive test anxiety: Variations among students with high and low study skills.  Presentation at the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago, IL.
  • Ceglowski, D., Kline, A., Manwell, A., Noel, M., & Peck, E. (2010).  Revealing the passion within.  Spotlighted session presented at the Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana-Champaign, IL.

State Presentations

  • Kline, A. (2014).  Kids Are Just Kids (Right?): Culturally responsive teaching in today’s classrooms.  Presentation at Indiana State Teachers Association’s Fall Conference, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Kline, A. (2014).  Where is he? Males and their diminishing roles with children.  Presentation at Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Kline, A. (2014)  The Baobab experience: Growing strong children through stories and possibilities.  Presentation at Indiana Purdue of Fort Wayne’s Teaching and Learning Conference, Fort Wayne, IN.
  • Kline, A. (2013).  The two-year wait: Today’s crisis in male mentoring.  Presentation at Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children, Indianapolis, IN.


  • Kline, A. (2011).  Assessing the influence of social and emotional intelligence in effective educational leadership. Retrieved from ProQuest international database.
  • Ceglowski, D., Baker, R., Kline, A., Noel, M., & Peck, E. (2010).  The craft of research (book review).  Arizona State University’s Educational Review (March), 1-6.

Funded Projects

  • Innovative Ideas Challenge, 2013.  Received $1,000 for second place selection, sponsored by Trine University’s Innovation One.
  • Interactive Learning Space (ILS), 2013.  Received $2,000, sponsored by Ball State University’s Office of Educational Excellence Grant.
  • The Leadership Board Immersive Learning Experience, 2012.  Received $20,500, sponsored by Ball State University’s Provost Immersive Learning Grant.



International Recognition

  • 2012  Phi Delta Kappa International’s Emerging Leaders Award Recipient

 University Recognitions

  • 2015 Trine University Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient
  • 2014  Trine University Student Athlete Faculty Appreciation Award Recipient
  • 2012  Ball State University’s Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient
  • 2010  Ball State University’s Excellence in Teaching Award Finalist
  • 2009  Mortar Board Faculty Appreciation Award Recipient

Trine University Service

  • 2014-  Elementary Methods Block Practicum Coordinator
  • 2014-  University Assessment Committee
  • 2014-  University Mentor Volunteer
  • 2014  Franks School of Education Search Committee
  • 2013-  Retention Committee
  • 2013-  Ad Hoc Committee for Special Education
  • 2013-  Franks School of Education Teacher Education Committee
  • 2013-  Franks School of Education Teacher Education Advisory Committee
  • 2013-  Franks School of Education Teacher Education Programs Advisory Committee

Ball State University Service

  • 2012-2013  Men in Education Student Organization Advisor
  • 2013  Elementary Education Recognition Committee
  • 2009  Curriculum Affairs Sub-Committee
  • 2008-2013  Elementary Education Core Committee
  • 2008-2011  Graduate Studies Committee
  • 2008-2009  Graduate Education Committee

Thesis/Honors Project Advisor

  • 2012  Jacinda Edwards, Elementary Education
  • 2012  Brittney Bousman, Elementary Education
  • 2012  Samantha Craig, Elementary Education
  • 2011  Lauren Rayborn, Elementary Education
  • 2011  Katrina Kemiel, Elementary Education
  • 2011  Amber Laugle, Elementary Education
  • 2011  Katelynn Riley, Elementary Education

International Service

  • 2012-  Grant Proposal Reviewer, Phi Delta Kappa International
  • 2012  International Trip Leader, Project Kids International
  • 2008-2012  Director of Programs, Malawi-Ball State Day of Professional Development
  • 2008-2011  International Trip Leader, Global Ambassadors For Children

State Service

  • 2012-2013  Board of Directors, Indianapolis Academy of Excellence
  • 2012  Lead Curriculum Development & Tutor Preparation Consultant, Professor Garfield’s Migrant Education Project
  • 2009-2012  Educational Website Consulting Partner, Professor Garfield
  • 2009-2010  Lead Educational Website Consultant, Animal Tales
  • 2009  Consultant Partner, Indiana State University’s Kids Count Financial Literacy Educational Program

Local Service

  • 2012-  Directorial Task Force Member, The Leadership Board
  • 2012-2013  Mission Financial Leadership Team, Trinity Church
  • 2012-2013  President, Diamond Place Homeowners Association
  • 2005-2011  Vice President, Diamond Place Homeowners Association

Interviews/Press Releases

  • 2013  The Baobab Experience (Winter, 2013).  iLearn Magazine.

  • 2012  Education Professor Named an Emerging Leader (Winter, 2012).  Ball State Alumnus, pg. 4.

  • 2012  What Happened Next: Why more Big Sisters than Big Brothers?  (2012, May 5).  Muncie Star Press.

  • 2012  YMCA Apple Tree After-school program helps Burris students change the world.  (2012, April 29).  Muncie Star Press.

  • 2011  Ball State professors share alumni perspectives (2011, April 19).  Ball State Daily News.

  • 2010  A literacy journey: A 37-hour flight to deliver 60 lesson plans. (2010, September 4).  Ball State Alumnus, pg. 14-15.

  • 2010  Making it to Malawi (2010, Fall).  Ball Bearings, pg. 26-31.

Invited Speaking Engagements

  • 2014  Workshop presenter, entitled Learning How We Learn.  Invited by Trine University’s Executive Director of Student Success and Retention, Angola, IN (October).
  • 2014  Presenter, entitled The Freshmen 15: Strategies To Thrive In College.  Invited by Trine University, Angola, IN (September).
  • 2013  Presenter, entitled Bullying 101.  Invited by What If youth organization, Pendleton, IN (April).
  • 2013  Presenter, entitled The Baobab Experience: Growing Strong Children through Stories and Possibilities.  Invited by Ball State University’s Office of Educational Excellence Colloquia Series, Muncie, IN (April).
  • 2013  Expert panelist for Men in Education roundtable.  Invited by Men in Education, Muncie, IN (March).
  • 2012  Expert panelist for The 2012 Orchard School Film Festival.  Invited by The Orchard School Parent Association, Indianapolis, IN (November).
  • 2012  Facilitator for the Affinity Group of European American undergraduate students (EDMU 205).  Invited by Dr. Ruby Cain, Muncie, IN (October).
  • 2012  Keynote speaker, entitled Those Moments.  Invited for Dean’s Recognition Ceremony and Reception, Muncie, IN (September).
  • 2012  Keynote speaker, entitled Leadership For Impact.  Invited by The Leadership Board, Muncie, IN (April).
  • 2012  Presenter, entitled Introduction Into Diversity.  Invited by College Mentor for Kids, Muncie, IN (February).
  • 2012  Presenter, entitled Dreaming BIG.  Invited by director of Education for Local/Global Citizenship, Muncie, IN (February).  
  • 2012  Presenter, Changing the World, Starting with Us.  Invited by board member of Muncie Indiana’s United Methodist Men’s Group, Muncie, IN (January). 

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Colleges for Education
  • The Association of Teacher Educators
  • The National Association for Education of Young Children
  • Phi Delta Kappa International
  • Society for Research in Child Development