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Teacher Resources for Introverted Learners

The following resources will be explored during today's presentation.  You can use each tool in your future classroom to better support the unique strengths & needs of your students who are introverts!


Susan Caine

Susan Caine's best selling book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, has started a national conversation on how to better understand the needs and strengths of introverts.  Visit her Quiet Revolution website to find more resources on this topic.



Twitter is a popular social networking platform that can be incorporated into your classroom to increase student and parent participation. Teachers use Twitter to engage class discussion and connect with real world issues.

Consider using Twitter to:

  • take and share notes
  • post reviews of studied issues, books, articles, or movies
  • coordinate and collaborate on assignments by using a hashtag
  • participate in a Twitter Chat
  • connect classrooms around the community or world by using a hashtag


Powtoon is a free and easy-to-use animated presentation tool for teachers and students.  Choose from one of the many pre-made templates or create your own presentation from scratch.

Consider using Powtoon to:

  • have students explain their understanding of concepts
  • review learned material
  • create stories
  • simulate social issues and problem solving techniques


Quizziz is a great tool for ongoing, formative assessments.  Quizziz is teacher friendly because technology is minimal and no projector is necessary since students can see questions and possible answers on their own devices.

Consider using Quizziz to:

  • Get real-time feedback on student learning and quiz results
  • Learn the number of questions answered correctly and time left
  • Gain real-time access to student progress bars for each quiz


Padlet is an online virtual bulletin board where students and teachers can collaborate in real time to meet learning goals.  Using Padlet's secure format, teachers can a create a bulletin board wall with a custom link that can be shared with their students and families. 

Consider using Padlet to:

  • collaborate
  • reflect
  • survey
  • share links, pictures, and videos